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Closing press conference of the ASA Summit

posted by – February 25th, 2013

H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo was the first questioned by the press, who asked his views on the outcome of the summit and the overall positioning of the group of countries in Africa and Latin America (ASA): “This partnership arose from the difficulties we have had with northern countries, and I am sure that this alliance will reach positive results. We want the northern countries to see we do not reject them, but we are against their systems that exclude precisely those countries whose resources they are exploiting.”

In his speech, H.E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo also stated that all the crises that had affected the rich countries had been solved with the resources of the South: “Right now there is an acute crisis in northern countries, which we do not know whether they will overcome; but they are using interventionism systems to reconquer our countries’ resources. Therefore, the current crisis being experienced in the north will have dire consequences for our countries if we are not careful, because there are indications that they will again solve this crisis using our resources. As we are now sovereign countries, the only way to access them is to destabilize us, something that we have seen in recent interventions in Africa. Therefore it is time for the South to deeply reflect in order to avoid the interventionism that has always characterized the northern countries to exploit our resources. We have formed this alliance so that our countries can re-emerge.”

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, also alluded to this same point: “In South America we have seen that when we have recovered our natural resources, some powers have entered into financial and economic crises. When we started to recover, the financial history of many countries in the Americas and the Caribbean changed.” Morales also said he was pleased with the expansion of the ASA with the countries of the Caribbean and Central America: “It is an excellent proposal that I share.”

For his part, the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, told reporters that the creation of the Technical Secretariat, another of the major debates at the summit, would be effective from now on, in a number of specified areas, for which a series of experts would gather in order to continue with this work from this point on: “The ASA Summit allowed us to come together and work in different areas, which will enhance and benefit to our development. With this South-South cooperation we will be able to help each other and this, at the same time, will help us to work together.”

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