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Clarification note from the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in France

posted by: February 24, 2015

The Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in France sent a clarification note in relation to the claims of some media regarding the participation of Equatorial Guinea in the recent Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The document with the clarification note is attached.

The clarification note states that “the magazine Jeune Afrique, which has always maintained good relations with Equatorial Guinea, should avoid publishing information with unfounded statements about Equatorial Guinea.

We find that, starting from the rumors of certain comments made by its magazine about the alleged presence of the Obiang family in the Rio carnival, it denotes a clear desire to tarnish the image of the family. We inform you that a delegation of Equatorial Guinean artists and folk groups was invited, as a sign of reciprocity within the framework of cultural and sports exchanges between the two countries, to participate in the parade of dance schools in Rio; a delegation led by H.E. Guillermina Mokuy Mba, Minister of Culture and Tourism.

Therefore, within the framework of this type of exchanges, the possibility of a private or personal financial contribution by the presidential family of Equatorial Guinea is totally inconceivable.

In Paris, February 18, 2015.”

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office