New long haul routes for Birmingham travellers

December 29th , 2010 → 7:12 pm @

Dec 27 2010 by Edward Stephens, Birmingham Mail

FOURTEEN new long-haul routes and more frequent connections from Birmingham will mean more choice for Midland travellers next year.

Air France has linked up with airline Flybe to offer six daily flights from Birmingham to Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport to connect with the new long-haul destinations.

These include Bata in Equatorial Guinea, Phnom Penh in Cambodia, Freetown in Sierra Leone and Monrovia in Liberia. Half of passengers flying from Birmingham to Paris take onward flights.

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Francophone Balkans? ‘Outsider’ Membership in La Francophonie and Other Language-Based International Organisations

December 13th , 2010 → 4:26 pm @

Naturally, most of the members of La Francophonie are those countries where French is the primary language, an official language, a colonial legacy left by French or Belgian colonisers, or is spoken by a substantial majority. Keen observers will notice that the above map shows some members that one would not typically associate with the Francophone world. The Balkans/southeastern Europe in particular stand out in this regard. Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, and Romania all belong to the organisation. In these countries, French has traditionally been the secondary language of education instruction rather than English. Interestingly, a full 24% of the Romanian population understand and speak French (both prior to and since the Ceausescu regime, Romania and France have shared close cultural ties, and with Romania now in the European Union, one would expect the mutual interaction to increase even further). Moldova has also joined La Francophonie due to its geographic and cultural proximity to Romania. As well, non-Francophone countries in Africa such as Cape Verde, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and São Tomé and Príncipe have entered La Francophonie as full members purely out of geographic (and thus economic) convenience. Surrounded by at least nominally francophone countries (with the exception of Egypt, which traditionally has had a francophone elite despite no real casual use of the language in the country otherwise), it’s simply good business to do so.

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Equatorial Guinean Embassies/Consulates Abroad

December 11th , 2010 → 11:22 am @

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Try Cameroon While On An African Tour

December 11th , 2010 → 11:13 am @

Cameroon is a very famous country in Africa. It’s recognized as a mighty force in the world of football in the region. It was the only surviving of the African teams during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa that got to semi finals. The country is found on the central and western of Africa it’s bordered by great countries like Nigeria, Chad, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. The country is referred to as ‘Africa in Miniature’ because of geological and cultural diversity.

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KLM launches service to Kigali and strengthens position in Africa

November 1st , 2010 → 4:58 pm @

Amstelveen, Netherlands, Oct 31, 2010 (Thomson Reuters ONE via COMTEX) — Amstelveen, 31 October 2010 – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will operate its first flight to Kigali in Rwanda today. Five flights a week will be offered to Kigali with an intermediate stopover in Entebbe. The new service will be operated using Airbus A330-200 equipment, offering seats for 243 passengers: 30 in World Business Class and 213 in Economy Class.

In cooperation with Air France, KLM will offer new destinations and more frequencies in Africa with effect from commencement of its new winter schedule today. Cooperation with partner Kenya Airways will also be expanded. KLM and Air France’s capacity has been raised by more than 4% this winter in comparison with last year. This winter, the AIR FRANCE KLM Group will be serving 43 African destinations at a frequency of more than 200 flights a week. As such, KLM will be strengthening its position in Africa.

Four new destinations

In addition to KLM initiating scheduled service to Kigali, Air France will also offer twice-weekly service to Bata in Equatorial Guinea with effect from the same date.

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Iberia launches “Business Club”, the new seating class for medium-haul flights

October 25th , 2010 → 3:47 pm @

Iberia officially launches its new Business Club class for business travellers on the airline’s longest medium-haul flights.

The first flight equipped with the new seating class takes off today from Madrid to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. Business Club seats will also be available on flights between Spain and Lagos, Moscow, Tel Aviv, and Cairo.

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Equatorial Guinea Gained Independence In 1968

October 24th , 2010 → 12:30 pm @

Equatorial Guinea is just one African country providing a range of exciting holiday opportunities for both the adventurous and the lazy sun seeker.

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October 22nd , 2010 → 1:40 pm @

Football’s MR Mouth talks
Follow Joel Mogorosi in his column each week

Guinea not foul
Sorry for missing last weeks column, but I was away on business in Equatorial Guinea.

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AFCON 2012: Gabon And Equatorial Guinea To Issue A Common Visa

October 22nd , 2010 → 1:24 pm @

Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, joint hosts of the 2012 African Cup of Nations, will be issuing a common entry visa to both countries during the competition, the local organising committee said on Tuesday.

At a press conference in Cameroon’s economic capital Douala on Tuesday, the AFCON 2012 joint local organising committee said both countries would put in place the possibility of obtaining a special visa valid for entry into the two territories, as opposed to the regular separate visas.

“We are open to all African nationals. Therefore with Gabon, we will introduce a common visa to allow people not to follow two procedures for obtaining visas. With a visa, you can enter in either country before and during competition,” said secretary of the committee Ruslan Obiang Nsue.

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Equatorial Guinea open for tourism business

October 11th , 2010 → 5:34 pm @

By David Browne (in London) | Oct 10, 2010

Equatorial Guinea is a small country on the west coast of Africa, sandwiched between Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south. It’s rich in natural resources and most visitors to the former Spanish colony are oil men and traders in petrochemicals. But the government wants to change that.

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