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Angola/Equatorial Guinea: Coach Awaits Federation’s Reply About Training in Brazil – posted by

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Cabinda — The head-coach of the national senior males football team, Lito Vidigal, said last Friday in Cabinda Province that so far there is no reply from the Angolan federation (FAF) about the training programme the squad need to fulfil in Brazil, in the ambit of the preparation for the African Nations Cup (CAN’2012). The information was given in the end of the afternoon training session, held in Chiazi Stadium.

Lito Vidigal reminded that the technical team have been doing a good job in this first stage of preparation, which has been taking place in Cabinda since December 04, with only another week left before they can define the second stage properly.

The training programme in Brazil should take placed from 6 to 19 January 2012, which would be the last stage of preparation, before the squad’s participation in the African Nations Cup, set for Gabon and Equatorial-Guinea. When questioned about the training session of last Friday afternoon, Lito Vidigal said that the works are happening as scheduled.

“We just had two more training sessions, we’ve given some more information to the players, analysed the previous game, found some stuff that must be improved, I believe that slowly the players are improving”, said the coach.

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