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Angola and Egypt will play for the Basketball Champions League

posted 12/9/12

Last Thursday the quarterfinals matches of the Basketball Champions League were played, on a day in which the supremacy of Angolans and Egyptian teams was made clear.

The first team to qualify was the Petro of Angola, after beating by 84-66 the Gabonese of the Manga BB, who reached halftime with a lead, but were unable to defeat the Angolans’ better game, in a second half where they clearly prevailed.

The Egyptian teams Ettehad and Al Ahly defeated, respectively, the ESS of Tunisia by 75-61, and the Libolo of Angola by 69-64, while the other Angolan team, the Primeiro, smoothly defeated the ABC of Ivory Coast, by 76-56.

Now the Al Ahly will play for a spot in the final against the Primeiro, and Petro will do so against the Ettehad, in a semifinal where the Angolans are the favorites and the Egyptians fight to prevail.

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