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AFCON Orange 2012 / Equatorial Guinea: Good progress in Malabo and Bata


AFCON Orange 2012 / Equatorial Guinea: Good progress in Malabo and Bata

Equatorial Guinea is well advanced on construction sites for the Orange AFCON Orange 2012 coorganised with Gabon.CAF team of inspection visited Malabo few days ago and went back satisfied.

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“There is a serious work on the ground, the outlooks are good” the head of CAF inspection team, the Guinean Almany Kabélé Camara declared in a press conference at the sports ministry in Malabo.

Bata Stadium which will host the opening ceremony which will increase its capacity of “22,000 seats to 40,000 seats”, Ruslan Obiang Nsuen, secretary of state for sports and organizing committee president of AFCON for Equatorial Guinea (Cocan).

The matters identified concerning the capacity of hotel should be resolved by COCAN.

“We are congratulated, although there is a worry about Bata hotels (economic capital). But we can find another solution by providing the (visitors) foreigners, government houses that could accommodate more than 10,000 seats”, he reassured the president of Cocan 2012.

In Malabo, a stadium of 15,000 seats will be built. A capacity that does not bother CAF which preferred a full stadium instead of a great stadium that does not drain people. “15,000 people it is reasonable (…) it is useless to have an empty stadium, Mr. Camara wondered before announcing the next inspection of CAF in April, in Gabon in Equatorial Guinea.

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